What changes, what remains (de-DE)

What changes, what remains (de-DE)

What changes, what remains?

With this issue our online magazine has grown to over 30 pages! This was made possible thanks to our top-class grandmasters and hard-working authors who regularly write and submit articles, reports and technical series for our readers.

When we started with the idea of a free online magazine for the Hapkido world over two years ago, we had various concepts ready for how such a free magazine could be financed. However, various legal innovations that gradually came into effect have destroyed most of our plans! Nevertheless, we want to continue for you and look for new solutions to continue to realize our actual goal of connecting the world of Hapkido friends on one platform.

Unfortunately, we have to keep an eye on our costs for the creation and operation of the magazine and keep them to a minimum. For this reason, we have decided, until further notice, to only have our magazine translated into a foreign language via Google. With around 10 million characters translated per online edition (with 13 foreign languages), a few hundred euros were quickly due, just for translations. Unfortunately, not only per quarter and issue, but also when new translations had to be made by authors or our editorial team due to contribution updates or text corrections.

We assume that with an English translation in addition to our German source language, which is also understood in Austria and Switzerland, we will still reach many readers worldwide. We ask for your understanding that, for technical reasons, we unfortunately had to remove all previous translations on Hapkido-magazin.de and their subdomains, which could be read in Spanish or Korean, for example.

Tenders, seminars, workshops, courses in the HAPKIDO and KUMDO divisions or similar events that may be of interest to our Hapkido community will in future only be posted in German or English directly under the domain: eventplan.hapkido-magazin.de and created by the editors. There our registered authors can directly update and maintain them!

What events are being recorded?

- Events that are at least 2 months after the editorial deadline.
- Events and tenders in the area of Hapkido, Gumdo, Mentales
- Tenders that are sent via email or dropbox.

Emails to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our active and registered authors still publish their events for free! If you are not interested, please ask the current price conditions, depending on the type and scope, via our editorial team!

Your Hm editors

Authors, grandmasters and masters can set up and market their own lessons in static or moving form under " Courses "! We are convinced that basic training for student grades in Hapkido via the Internet, accompanying the training practice, is not only possible, but above all is up to date! You can therefore look forward to online training in our magazine! The technical implementation for premium subscribers has started!