Your modules (de-DE)

Your modules (de-DE)

Some commonly used modules are pre-configured on your site. These include:

Image module that contains the image under the menu. This is a custom module that you can edit to change the image. The most-read posts that list articles by the number of times they have been read.

Older articles that list articles by month.
Syndicate that your readers can use to read your posts in a news reader.
Popular tags that appear when you tag your items.
When editing, simply enter a tag in the Tags field.

Each of these modules has numerous options that you can experiment with in your site administrator's module manager. If you move the mouse over a module and click the edit icon, you will be taken to an edit screen for that module. Always make sure to save and close all the modules you have edited.

Joomla! also contains many other modules that you can integrate into your site. As you develop your site, you may want to add more modules that you can find in the Joomla Extensions Directory. Find.