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HAPKIDO magazine schedule
for 2019 with copy deadline

2019-01 # 5 - mid-Jan
(Editorial deadline 20 Dec.)

2019-02 # 6 - end of April
(Editorial deadline: 20 March)

2019-03 # 7 - mid-July
(Editorial deadline June 20)

2019-04 # 8 - mid-Oct.
(Editorial deadline Sept. 20)

2020-01 # 9 Mid-Jan 2020
(Editorial deadline 20 Dec. 2019)



Hapkido Magazin 2018-04

Hapkido Magazine 2018-04

The autumn magazine is ready for you to read! to the HAPKIDO Magazine Flipbook: To read in full screen...

DAO and the I GING

HAPKIDO magazine 2018-04 page 10 One of the most well-known Chinese characters, which now almost everyone in Europe knows, is the...

Kummooyeh seminar

HAPKIDO magazine 2018-04 page 8 + 9 KUMMOOYEH with Sword and Bow (Sept. 2018) Seminar Hessen - with Grand Master Hyun Kyoo Jang 14.9....

HapKiDo Summit Graz (A)

HAPKIDO magazine 2018-04 on page 4 to page 7 Graz, 28 to 30 September. As announced, it should be a top-class weekend getaway for...

Birth Of The Dragon

HAPKIDO magazine 2018-04 page 11 Movie - REVIEW - with 4 out of 5 stars Birth Of The Dragon The actor Philip Ng took on the role of...

The autumn magazine is ready for you to read!

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Dear readers,

The last three months went by again like in flight. One event chased the other, so I am pleased to report to you in this autumn issue of two major events in Hessen and in Graz (A). As always, I had ample opportunity to have interesting conversations with Kummooyeh and Hapkid colleagues and old friends of martial arts. Many new contacts have been made and I hope to be able to tell you more about them in further editions. The distribution of our free magazine requires your active participation! I would therefore be delighted if you recommend our HAPKIDO magazine to your colleagues, friends and students, so that our circulation continues to grow and we can continue to offer our service free of charge. For the current issue I wish you a lot of fun and toi toi toi in our current DVD competition!

Your Uwe Wischhöfer

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travel reports

Travel Report Korea

HAPKIDO-magazin 2018-04 Seite 14+15 Jens Wilke 7.Dan Taekwondo (Jidokwan) 6.DAN Hapkido (KHCA) President Korea Hapkido Center Association Germany...